Recruitment plays a crucial role in success of any business. Hiring the right people is a key driver of profitable companies. The three most important factors for a recruitment agency‘s performance can be considered as time, quality and cost, and are usually agreed as a service delivery model between agencies and clients.

Time to placement is a standard measure of success for a recruitment agency. In addition, the candidates must be well suited for the role and the company, so candidate quality is paramount. Naturally, the cost is also very important to the clients, measured as a total of financial and operational demands required for each successful placement.

While achieving KPIs on their own will not always equate with the number of successful placements an agent makes, KPIs can assist the management team in monitoring the strong and weak performers in their teams. To help agencies with achieving their KPIs, software developer Swiftpro has developed a brand-new management reports module in the newest build of their recruitment software CVPlus.

The reporting module shows a variety of possible KPIs for the recruiters, such as the number of interviews conducted, client calls made, or new vacancies received from their clients. Of course, it is up to the agency‘s management to decide which KPIs the recruitment team should particularly focus on. Naturally, the ultimate measure of performance for many is the number of placements made in a particular period.

Management can decide on the staff and activities they want to display in a report, selecting a specified period. If the data needs to be analysed or presented in Excel, it can also be easily exported. Apart from the nearly 20 pre-loaded KPI measures already included into the module, the agency‘s management can easily add extra activities they would like to set as KPIs if they are not already there. CVPlus‘ new reporting module allows recruitment agencies to monitor and constantly improve on their performance in key results areas, in turn achieving a greater client satisfaction and profitability.

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