23, April 2015: The World Airport Awards, a prestigious event for the airport industry, has concluded its nine-month-long customer survey period and revealed the world’s top 100 airports of 2015. Airport transfer services such as those available from well-known company Shuttle Direct are united in their comments on the improvements made by airports across Europe throughout the year in time for the 2015 awards.

London has done exceedingly well in the awards, with a total of four airports included in the rankings. Heathrow has been voted as the eighth best airport in the world, which is two places higher than it was the previous year; London City Airport has come in at number thirty-two; Gatwick as number forty; and Stansted at number seventy-three. Heathrow has also been ranked as having the fifth best airport hotel in the world and is considered third best for restaurants.

The rest of Europe echoes London’s success with an impressive amount of airports moving their way up the list compared to last year, a feat which has not gone unnoticed by companies with direct interaction with the airport industry. Renowned airport transfer company Shuttle Direct have services available from a huge variety of airports throughout Europe, many of which have appeared in the top 100 poll.

These include the popular airports in London, as well as Munich Airport, which has stayed at ranking number three since 2014; Zurich Airport, which has moved up two places to number six; Amsterdam Schiphol Airport at number nine; Frankfurt Airport at number thirteen; and a host of other European airports that have worked to earned their prestigious rankings.

A spokesperson from Shuttle Direct commented, “We’re proud to be able to work alongside airports that are held with in high esteem when it comes to customer service. We hope we have been able to contribute positively to the overall consumer travel experience and will continue to provide the best and most reliable service we can.”

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