SurpriseLists is known for publishing “TOP TEN BLOG” in different categories such as lifestyle, food, people, sports, travel and countries. They have recently added a blog, “10 Most Expensive Antique Watches in the World” which gained a massive response from the readers

SurpriseLists recently came up with a new blog for the watch lovers.  They targeted the rich people who have the passion for dressing up. The author of the blog said, “This blog is written after thorough research from various sources, especially for the people who have money but they don’t exactly know which watch they should buy”. Tahir stressed that the antique watches are not only a luxury but a historical value is also affixed to these watches.

The blog revealed that Chopard 210 karat is the most expensive watch. The Swiss-based luxury watch is perhaps the most expensive watch worth $25 million. Being Kohinoor of the watches, it has 874 diamonds. The beautifully arranged heart shaped diamonds add to its elegance. All the diamonds of Chopard 210 karat have different colors. Patek Philippe Super Complication ranked second in the blog with a price of $11 million. The 18-karat gold watch is expensive for its complicated mechanical structure. It has more than 24 functions. It was introduced in 1933. The main features of this watch are perpetual calendar, split seconds chronograph, grande and petite sonnerie.

Patek Philippe Platinum World Time was placed at the third position in the blog due to its style. The watch has the capability to wind itself. It also shows the time of multiple places in the world at a time. Tahir also told that the water proof platinum watch has 33 pieces of jewels that add to its class. It costs $4 million. Vacheron Constatin Tour de I’lle is another Swiss made limited edition watch. The blog also revealed that the watch has more than 834 individual parts. The 18 karat gold watch costs $1.5 million. On the other hand Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon is known for the artistic and technical perfection. The blue colored dial is 42.8mm in diameter and 16.25 mm in height.

The readers of the blog appreciated the effort of the author, as the quality of the blog speaks for itself. The hard work in research helped to gain the requisite information, said Tahir. It was also ensured that all the future blogs will be of better quality.


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