03/01/2020, Delhi: Diabetic foot refers to a number of symptoms found in patients suffering from long-term Diabetic Mellitus; these are infection, diabetic foot ulcer or neuropathic osteoarthropathy (diabetic foot syndrome) causing wounds, ulcers, and severe pain.

Normally, diabetic patients have a reduced ability to sense the pain as in most of the cases, the peripheral nerve dysfunctionality may occur which is linked with diabetic neuropathy. As a result, the patient might not realize the minor injuries for a long time which increases the severity of the condition. As diabetes causes damage to the nerves, the patients gradually lose the sense of consciousness in their extremities. Some person even faces difficulty to sense the discomfort on their foot or any rubbing sensation in their shoes. The absence of sensation and alertness may increase the chance of getting sores, cuts, and emerging blisters.

About half of the patients suffering from diabetic foot ulcers simultaneously have peripheral artery disease(PAD). For those patients suffering from both peripheral nerve dysfunction and PAD, the poor blood circulation to the farther parts adds more complications. Peripheral artery disease causes a reduction in the blood flow with increment in pain, infection and gradual process of healing wounds. As a result, sometimes the infection gets severe that can even lead to confiscation.

In case of serious diabetic foot symptoms, when the medicine and nad dressing is not able to cure them, surgery is the only option to save patients from such pain. The surgical removal of foot ulcers helps to reduce inflammation while stimulating the wound edges and heals them.  After efficient removal of diseased and non-viable tissues from the foot, healthy tissues start to grow to heal the wound. The surgery inhibits and even eliminates the bacterial growth and it also controls deep foot infection

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