Sanford, NC — Nov. 6, 2015 — Grip strength is important for everyone, not just athletes, and Supreme Squeeze spokesperson, Eric Currey, noted that grip strength can be an indicator of overall health. An effective means of improving strength and health is the use of hand grippers that exercises muscles groups from the fingers to the forearm.

“You don’t have to be a professional athlete to benefit from the use of hand grippers,” said Currey. “Improving grip strength helps reduce the potential for injuries and allows people to perform a variety of everyday activities with ease.”

Grip strength is important when shaking hands, changing a tire or vacuuming the floor. Without grip strength, it would be impossible to pick up a spoon, hold a book or use a mobile device. When an individual buttons a shirt or picks up a dropped item, 35 muscles come into play from the forearm to the hand to perform the action and stabilize the wrist.

A person’s grip strength naturally begins a slow decline in the 20s and goes largely unnoticed, but after the age of 60, the rate of decline can significantly increase. Hand grippers are an effective way to maintain strength, coordination and flexibilitfrom y the hands to the forearms and reduce the rate of loss.

The strength of an individual’s grip is also affected by a wide range of neurological and muscle related conditions. A study conducted at Harvard Medical School that measured results of 140,000 people in 17 countries showed that a person’s grip strength may also be an indicator of an individual’s risk for cardiovascular disease.

Resistance training with hand grippers was found to be an effective means of strengthening the muscles used to grip. Using grippers is a type of strength training that’s easy to perform and doesn’t rely on exhausting workouts at the gym.

Supreme Squeeze hand grippers can be used at home, work and on the go and they’re small enough to be tucked in a pocket or purse. The company’s hand grippers feature 66 lbs. of resistance, are sold in sets of two, and come complete with exercise and training tips. They have foam grips for comfort.

Grip strength is important for multiple functions and the hand grippers available exclusively on by Supreme Squeeze provides individuals with an effective tool for maintaining strength. From the hands to the forearms, hand grippers provide an easy way to increase grip and muscle strength for health
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