Brookstone Law Wins appeal to Supreme Court in Bank of America’s last attempt to overtun Superior Court of Appeals Decision.

New York, April 21, 2015 -- A national ground-breaking court decision( in California, allowing homeowners to move forward with their claims against major US Banks.  More details regarding Christina I. Petersen v. Bank of America, Case # G048387 can be viewed on court’s document, currently filed in the Court of Appeal of the State of California, Fourth Appellate District Division Three.

“This ruling against Bank of America has made it possible for over 2,000 homeowners to be heard in court by Brookstone Law, thanks to the California Appeals Court Desicion, which has handed us a major win,” said Vito Torchia, Jr., Managing Attorney, Brookstone Law, based in Manhattan, New York.

According to Vito Torchia, Jr., despite Bank of America’s effort to close the case, they boldly took it to the Supreme Court to overturn the descion but Brookstone Law plantiffs prevailed again!

“Brookstone Law had previously won in CA Superior Court of Appeals. This Supreme Court Decision is the next step up,” said Vito Torchia, Jr., who is moving to New York to manage Brookstone Law’s East Coast practice.

Attorney John Mortimer, who will replace him as a managing partner in California, has years of experience in civil litigation and has enjoyed a great deal of success. He’s excited to take over as the managing partner and litigate these cases in court.

The case Christina I. Petersen v. Bank of America, Case # G048387 (aka, Wright vs. Bank of America, Case #30-2011-00449059-CU-MT-CXC) brought before the California Appeals Court by Brookstone Law against Bank of America, according to the spokesperson, has nationwide appeal, thus giving a voice to homeowners across the nation who previously had been silenced.

“Before this landmark California Appeals Court ruling, small homeowners had little or no voice. Today, however, they were finally heard loud and clear as a collective, unified voice that commands attention and respect by banks and mortgage lenders across the nation,” says John Mortimer, Managing Attorney, Brookstone Law, based in Costa, California.

“This is a major victory for small homeowners, and we are grateful that the Supreme Court has seen it fit to uphold a prior judgement that was awarded against them by the California Court of Appeals,” noted Vito Torchia, Jr.

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