Newport Beach, CA, USA; 14, July 2016: The market is full of health products and supplements and each company makes tall claims about the effectiveness of their product(s). In such a scenario, the consumer often remains clueless about the pros and cons of a product. Supplement Journal provides honest reviews of health products, allowing customers to purchase the best products to witness the real health benefits. This time, they are reviewing ProbioSlim Advanced, which is a popular weight loss digestive supplement.

The supplement is manufactured by Smartbiotics and has been in the market for the last few years. The reviewers of Supplement Journal decided to review the supplement, seeing a considerable user base that consumes it on a regular basis. They found that besides reducing the weight, the supplement has also helped many people to correct the digestive imbalances to improve their health in general. The probiotic has an innovative strain of LactoSpore that helps removing unhealthy bacteria from the digestive tracts of humans to eliminate the occurrence of constipation, diarrhea and gas, and keeps people healthy.

ProbioSlim is available in two versions: regular and advanced. The advanced version is the updated product which is more effective with powerful natural ingredients. The latest version of the supplement is added with the green tea extract, which helps in increasing the metabolism. The earlier version of the supplement was claimed to offer some caffeine jitters by some users, and the advanced version has been rectified. The new and improved formula, thus, helps in losing weight effectively and quickly, without any side effects.

According to the review, many consumers are reported to witness positive results within two weeks of using the ProbioSlim Advanced formula. The new formula also has been added with a chemical called Meratrim, which helps reducing the waist size and the abdominal fat. The reviewers maintain that when the new advanced supplement is taken with a balanced diet, it can bring encouraging results very quickly. To read the complete review of the product, one can visit the website

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