Newport Beach, CA, USA; 20, July 2016: People willing to boost their energy levels and reduce weight in a natural way can rely on this green drink powder that allows preparing top-quality green juice very quickly. Patriot Power Greens fruits and vegetables drink is developed by Dr. Lane Sebring that is an effective and natural way to reduce chronic inflammation and boost the energy and vitality. The health drink also helps in the digestion and weight loss.

Supplement Journal presents a detailed review of the green juice for people to realize its health benefits to include it in their daily diet. According to the review, Dr. Sebring has included lots of greens and sea vegetables that allow treating several types of chronic conditions. Some of the common greens include organic spirulina, seaweed, organic apple, carrot, broccoli, spinach, beet and cabbage. Besides, it also contains probiotics and special digestive enzymes that help in digestion and boost immunity. The product does not contain any additive, meat or dairy products, GMOs and eggs. Thus, the product has completely green and natural ingredients that make it a potent green juice.

The reviewers have also studied the health benefits of Patriot Power Greens. According to them, it naturally supplies greens, veggies and other nutrients that a human body often requires to stay fit and healthy. Developed by a doctor himself, who believes in the holistic way of maintaining good health, the natural drink improves the digestive process and eliminates wastes from the body. The probiotics and natural digestive bacteria added in the drink helps in weight loss by quickening the digestion.

This green drink formula is packed with more than 40 fruits and veggies that help in reducing the inflammation. It can significantly reduce obesity triggering chemicals and thus helps in weight loss. As per the review, the health drink also stabilizes the blood sugar and thus is very helpful in type 2 diabetes. It relieves in case of constipation and keeps a person healthy and energetic. To know more about its health benefits, one can read the complete review at

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