Sugandha Mishra learns voice modulation for Baalveer

Sugandha Mishra who plays the character of Chhal Pari in Baalveer is fond of acquiring new skills and this time, decided to learn voice modulation techniques. Coincidently this role demanded her to deliver her dialogues in a very husky tone as she portrays an evil character for the first time.

Trained in classical singing, Sugandha isknown for her melodious voice and it was a challenge for her as she had to constantly bring variations in her voice.She was inspired by her co-star ‘Shama Sikander’ who is experienced with voice variations as she plays the character of Bhayankar Pari in the same show. She spent time on sets watching Shama’s sequences and the way she used to perform. While rehearsing her lines, Shama gave her tips and suggestions on practicing voice modulation. In order to perfect the form, Sugandha underwent voice training exercises & learnt the techniques during her free time and even between hectic shooting schedules.

While speaking with Sugandha, she said, “An actor’s character is often noticed through the way they deliver their lines. This is the first time viewers will get to see me in an evil role with hoarse voice and cunning expressions. It was a great learning experience with Shama, as she is well versed in changing her voice for her character. She gave me tips on altering voice that helped me improving my dialogue delivery.”

Sugandha being a perfectionist, practices regularly by trying different voice variations not only for her script narration, but also while rehearsing for her songs.

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