Orlando, FL — May 11, 2016 - Heart arrhythmias are considered to be the major cause of sudden cardiac death. While there are conventional treatments available such as pharmaceutical drugs, it is best to prevent the development of condition from happening in the first place.

A study reveals resveratrol has the potential to decrease the risk of heart arrhythmias. In the study, the researchers triggered arrhythmias in the hearts of the subject guinea pigs and rats. A group of every animal was treated with resveratrol supplements before the heart arrhythmia was induced.

It was found that resveratrol has significantly reduced the ability of the toxic chemical to produce or trigger heart arrhythmia. It was also revealed that higher resveratrol doses offered better protection.

The researchers also found that resveratrol has successfully reduced the length of time the subject animals suffered from the condition. The natural remedy has also lessened the incidence of ventricular tachycardia, which is characterized by the racing of the ventricle.

In the same study, it was also found that the death rate associated with arrhythmia decreased. This study was published in the Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications journal.

Resveratrol is a polyphenol and has abundant levels of strong antioxidant properties. It is believed to be significantly helpful in protecting the body from a range of damages, which could lead to the development of cancer and heart disease.

Individuals who want to take advantage of the healing benefits of resveratrol may consume peanuts, berries, and red grapes.

It is not surprising that, nowadays, many herbal supplement manufacturers are selling resveratrol supplements. Many people are actually using resveratrol supplements to increase their protection against a range of ailments.

This powerful antioxidant has long been believed to be beneficial for heart health. It has the potential to reduce inflammation and prevent the oxidation of bad or LDL cholesterol levels.

Through resveratrol’s healing effects, platelets find it hard to stick together and form clots. It is important to remember that clots are one of the major culprits of heart attack.

Today, there are many resveratrol supplements available in the market. They can be at local health or grocery stores and can even be purchased in just a matter of clicks. Resveratrol supplements can be used to provide added protection to heart health.

There are highly recommended resveratrol supplements, and they are those that contain other ingredients such as extract of grape seed, Acai fruit, green tea, and red wine. They also come in vegetarian capsules and are manufactured in an FDA- approved facility in the United States (http://amazon.com/Resveratrol-Supplement-Strength-Extract-capsules/dp/B019C0UU5S/).

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