30 December, 2013: A leading retail planning group have revealed their plans for a totally revamped shopping area at Fiumicino airport. Transfers might, as a result, become more appealing to customers going through this Rome airport, as they will be able to shop at the high-end, duty-free space before continuing on their journey. 

The new area, which will be an extension of the airport, is to be named ‘Avacorpo’, and will provide customers going to or coming from their Fiumicino airport transfers with 11,000 square feet of retail stores, spread out over two levels. A large new walk-through duty free area will also ensure that travellers returning from their Rome holidays are able to stock up on last-minute souvenirs and gifts and benefit from a wider variety than before. 

As it is planned at the moment, the new facility will be accessible from what is currently the Terminal 3 check-in area. This part of the airport will, should the blueprints be approved, be entirely renovated so that it serves as the entryway for the new shopping centre. Avacorpo would be connected to this part of the airport via a footbridge. 

Aside from a duty-free area and a large selection of retail and brand-name stores, the new Avacorpo shopping area is planned to house a number of cafés and restaurants within its shopping-centre-like structure. Most of these will be located in the central ‘piazza’, where customers coming to and from their Fiumicino airport transfers will also find two double-height icon stores. 

The project, which is being talked up by the developers as a new level of airport shopping experience, seems to have excited airport officials as well. A source from Fiumicino airport expressed his excitement about the new retail area’s focus on Italian-made luxury goods, and considered this partnership with the veteran airport retail planning company beneficial to both parties. 

The design company in charge of this project has completed over 200 airport terminal and duty free shopping areas. 

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