Albuquerque, NM - 19 April 2016
Recent studies have confirmed that regular use of a topical Vitamin C derivative can boost collagen synthesis, essential for keeping skin young, plump, and taut.

Owner and cosmetic chemist Kevin Mallory, armed with over 25 years of formulation experience is well aware of the many benefits of this essential vitamin. He developed their latest product with three key ingredients - Vitamin C & E Serum with Hyaluronic Acid - all working to improve skin elasticity, counteracting wrinkles and infusing hydration into the skin.

Kevin Mallory notes, "Vitamin C is a bona fide anti-aging phenomenon. It is the best antioxidant out there, and we are very happy that our customers report seeing immediate, long-term results by using our product."

Nicole, who bought the item from Amazon, said "This serum has done wonders for my skin. I have fine lines, combination skin with some acne. The product has evened out my skin texture and softened it. It makes my skin feel so soft and radiant. I love how my skin looks now when I used to be so self-conscious and frustrated with it. I wash my face then apply. It is the simplest way to new skin. Terrible skin runs in the family and now I have both my mom and sister using this product after seeing how mine has been transformed. They are just as satisfied as I am!"

Yeouth's Vitamin C serum is available on Amazon at a 68% discount. The serum's regular price is $49.45, but can now be purchased at $15.95. For more information about this product, visit (


YEOUTH brand has been pioneered by owner and cosmetic chemist Kevin Mallory, with over 25 years of formulation experience serving many clients in the beauty industry. YEOUTH was a vision to combine years of experience with the passion and dedication to create a line of products with the highest quality, medical grade ingredients available. Since all products in the YEOUTH line are manufactured in an owner operated state of the art facility, YEOUTH is able to ensure no corners are cut and no expense spared in creating one of the finest anti-aging product lines on the market today.

Name: Gabrielle Mallory
Company Email: [email protected]
Phone number: (505) 440-8535