31, March 2017: How to effectively shorten the period of commuting attracts the attention of the students. Thanks to the advent of Airwheel R3citizen folding electric bike, students nowadays can manage their time effectively and lead a more convenient life.

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Most campuses occupy large space for example Harvard University of 20.54 square kilometers. Therefore, it always takes students large amounts of time to commute from one place to another. Not only does Airwheel Ideawheel R3 electric power bicycle provide much convenience for students, but also it creates awesome user experience. Made of aluminum alloy, its frame is solid and light with excellent shock absorption ability to help reduce the risks. Also, mini size facilitates storage and covers less room.


Equipped with sophisticated motor and premium lithium battery, Airwheel R3 can travel at the maximum speed of 20 km/h. Hence, it effectively saves much time and energy for students to shuttle on campus. Also, the battery can be fully charged fast with 180 minutes for 214.6 Wh. If the battery runs out, the rider just needs to bring another battery to solve the problem, which is quite convenient. The battery of Airwheel R3 Smart E Bike is designed to be modular that can be inserted and extracted. High efficient USB power supply interface can meet the power demands of mobile phone and other daily smart devices.


More importantly, riders are empowered to alter ride modes freely to enjoy more fun and to achieve 100 km range. Its handlebar touches comfortable due to the ergonomic design. The silicon bumper strip at the back of the handlebars is designed to avoid friction against walls. Meanwhile, Airwheel R3 folding electric bike cannot be easily stolen because students can carry it to the dormitory or classroom with its fordable control shaft. Also, it can be connected to the App for the rider to monitor the real-time data thus to achieve the anti-theft goal.


Every detail in the product shows Airwheel’ sincere care for the student to guarantee an awesome and secure riding experience. University is always the dreamy place for the students to pursue their ambitious goals. Life facing them is full of fun and challenge and Airwheel R3 portable electric bike escorts the student to lead a rich and efficient campus life.

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