14, March 2016: Self-development professional Andy Shaw exposes the secrets behind complete stress relief, which form part of his Saltori thinking method.

As the rising number of mental illness-sufferers strikes headlines across the world on a day-by-day basis, it is clear that the twenty-first century is becoming a period governed by stress, anxiety and depression.

Reports in the last few years have actually highlighted how greater stress-levels have become especially rife in the workplace, as workers find it significantly more difficult to create a distinction between their work lives and their social lives. Andy Shaw however, a world-renowned self-development specialist who has attained massive success in over 140 countries worldwide, recommends that the key to a finely lubricated society starts with finely lubricated individuals.

After conquering a bout of bankruptcy simply three years back, Shaw has dedicated his time to producing and establishing his highly acclaimed 'Saltori Thinking System', whose aim is to provide mental well-being within contemporary society by discreetly altering the way people think and see their own lives. Speaking on behalf of Shaw, one spokesperson Peter Halm mentioned: "Your state of mind guarantees your success or failure in everything you do. The Saltori Thinking Method does not teach somebody what to think, instead it teaches them to utilize their mind better in order to stay positive and become effective in their own lives. A great deal of individuals associate this sort of mind advancement with religion, but it really isn't. While it takes concepts from teachers like Krishna, Buddha, Lao Tzu, Jesus and Muhammad, it is more about customizing an individual's journey to joy than anything else. This system is extremely different for each person that uses it, and there aren't a set guidelines that govern it at all."

Instead of concentrating on a set of beliefs, the Saltori System rather teaches users the best ways to dissolve negativity and view their lives with a more positive outlook. It utilizes logic and justification to teach users that the small things getting them down each day can be overlooked, and should not govern their frame of mind. "With simple tweaks and a little bit of a re-tune," Halm continued, "the Saltori Thinking System readjusts what individuals consider as unfavorable and exactly what they deem positive, relieving stress and anxiety, and replacing them with serenity and happiness."

Andy Shaw's Saltori Thinking Method is readily available to view online at www.saltori.com, where he frequently releases complimentary downloadable materials, that include personal growth books, videos, and articles, as well as publishing real-life Saltori reviews from all over the world.

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