Stress Management Workshops by famous Life Guru Pankaj Kothari


INDORE 29TH JULY 2016. “Stress is one of the main reasons for low productivity, social breakdown and ill health. This is something which one must manage for the sake of one’s personal and professional life”

This was shared by noted Life Guru Pankaj Kothari. Pankaj conducts Nity Anand - a stress management training intervention for corporate and other institutions. As a workshop bonus, participants receive self-assessment test on their psychological well-being, which gives them an insight into their well-being level both and pre and post training.

Pankaj Kothari informed that several studies have shown that stress management training can produce significant improvements in measures of subjective well-being and physical symptoms (Backman, Arnetz, Levin, & Lublin, 1997; Cecil & Forman, 1990; Charlesworth, Williams, & Baer, 1984; Friedman, Lehrer, & Stevens, 1983; Tsai & Crockett, 1993). A few studies also have shown that stress management training can have a positive impact on objective physiological measures such as electromyograph (Murphy & Sorenson, 1988), adrenaline levels (McNulty, Jefferys, Singer, & Singer, 1984), and blood pressure (Charlesworth et al., 1984). In one study, a program for hypertensive employees in a large corporation led to a sharp cut in health care claims: the average value of claims for the year following the program were half the annual averages for the previous 2-1/2 years (Charlesworth et al., 1984). In another study, a program for highway maintenance workers led to a significant improvement in attendance records (Murphy & Sorenson, 1988).

Pankaj Kothari shared that his training intervention focuses on well-established stress management skills such as relaxation, breathing exercises, meditation, yoga and guided imagery. The goal of this training is to promote and strengthen the individual’s potential to understand and experience work situations and life events in a way that compels one to act constructively rather than adopt a more non-assertive, blaming perspective. The participants will have the opportunity to choose the stress management techniques they want to learn.

Pankaj Kothari added that each participant will have to sign an agreement that they would share the knowledge that they obtained from the workshops with at least one person in their lives. This will help them in reaffirming while telling others and in getting reminders from others in future.

According to Mr. Kothari, a 36-item Well Being Scale is given to the participants to be filled out at the onset of training and again after a month from training, providing the participants with an opportunity to see what changes took place due to the program.

Pankaj Kothari is professional psychologists and behavioral skills trainer who had 30+ years of experience. These programs are open to all of the employees at all levels. Pankaj Kothari relates to the wide variety of groups that work in the company, technical team to top executives. Pankaj focuses closely on the reactions and feelings of the participants.

Mr. Kothari further recommended, “Anxiety, depression and suicidal tendency are increasing in our society and corporate, hence we must learn to manage our stress.” Pankaj Kothari also shares his famous ‘Self Mastery Button’ as stress management mantra.

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