Standing a class apart from the usual self-help books is Stress Management Decoded which equips busy working women with ways to de-stress, find inner peace and feel fresher

USA (December 13, 2013): There are numerous self-help books out there which claim to be effective enough to make lives of the readers breezier and easier. Unfortunately they seem to be all talk and no results. Within a short span since its release, Stress Management Decoded, a book written by Certified Stress Management Consultant, Sue Anne Dunlevie, garnered appreciative feedback from its readers recommending the book to other working women who wish to considerably reduce the stress of everyday life which may be bogging them down.

This book can be relied on to make working women feel better about their lives and effectively weed out stress inducing elements as the author has gone through a tough real life experience from which she has emerged strong enough to conquer the very thing that made her weak. Sue Anne Dunlevie was diagnosed with a chronic, stress-induced illness owing to the stressful condition that she was in after working at top level management at a Fortune 500 company.

She converted this negative illness into a positive by becoming a Certified Stress Management Consultant and helping working women, especially those who balanced kids and careers, find inner peace. This book will help them deal with worry and frustration in a positive manner and thus convert them into calmer versions of themselves. Stress Management Decoded: The Practical Path to Inner Peace for Busy Women is available for purchase online at Amazon.

"Where Sue Anne gets it right is she takes into account all of the physical, mental, and social conditions in the treatment of stress (a holistic approach) to help you get rid of stress. This is a great book on stress management by someone who has had to learn how to do it. Now I finally have stress relief,” states Emma Parker.

The author of Stress Management Decoded: The Practical Path to Inner Peace for Busy Women, Sue Anne Dunlevie is a Certified Stress Management Consultant who started practicing locally in 2011. She worked as a manager for a Fortune 500 company and came down with a stress-induced illness called fibromyalgia. Her mission is to help busy working moms de-stress and become more at peace with themselves.

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