04, April 2015: ”I started to drink when I was 17 years old, and as the years going, I was drinking more and more and cannot live without my wine in the pass years. I kept drinking every day, and the alcohol started affecting my work and my family”- Kenny Hanson 

Alcohol abuse is a common practice and is the worst kinds of self-destructive behaviors. There are many people around the world, who are under the clutches of this noxious and unscrupulous practice that has resulted in disturbed family cultures, broken relationships, and untimely deaths. 

Kenny Hanson, the author of the blog http://www.howtostopdrinkingtips.com/ became a lush at the young age of seventeen years and started to notice its negative effects on his work, family, and career with the passing time. He realized that drinking is unethical and does no good to anybody. Understanding the depth of the philosophy made him realize the dangers associated with alcohol consumption on health and decided to stop drinking forever. Though, the decision was tough for him, still he made every possible effort and his determinations helped him to get over the problem. 

Overcoming the habit of drinking was a turning point in his life and he decided to help other people to overcome the vile habit. He is a man who has been a source of inspiration for many, who all have been the poor victims of alcoholism and alcohol abuse and were finding it difficult to stop drinking. 

His research on the ways to stop drinking inspired him to come up with a blog, where he provides tips to people on the ways to give up alcohol. He knows that it is very difficult to say “NO” to alcohol for all of them who consume it regularly, but their determination can help them to fight all the odds that come in their way and help them to come out as the real life heroes. 

The blog is a semblance of various articles, where the author has given tips to the people on “how to stop drinking“. His wonderful bunch of writings is a complete package of knowledge where he has given a wonderful advice to the people that switching to generic and organic food habits along with increasing the consumption fluid intake can help them to feel fresh and energetic throughout the day. 

He has also focused on the symptoms that might be faced by the victim on his venture to stop drinking and can have a negative influence on his willpower and there are several natural methods that can really help the sucker to stay away from the alcohol. 

He had also highlighted in his articles that underage drinking has a very bad effect on the physical as well as mental status of a person and only parents can be a perfect guide to the young people by quitting the habit themselves and focusing on drinking more of natural juices in front of them. 

As the author of the blog said, “I began to use my spare time to study and research about alcohol and started writing this blog”, he opened avenues for all the wino’s to imbibe in them the real values of being a teetotaler. 

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