31, March 2016: Nashua, New Hampshire — While considered more of a historical relic than a contemporary hobby, producing high-quality moonshine has become a more common pursuit due to the growth in popularity of individual craft distilleries.


Seeing the wave as a means for further growth, coppersmith Steven Stillz harkens back to his Appalachian roots by crafting and selling specialized Copper Moonshine Stills, and other distilling and brewing equipment to enterprising moonshiners in the 21st century. Stillz’ products are the result of niche expertise and a hand for customizing his orders.


When asked about how demand has shaped his business, Stillz comments: “most of our micro-distillery applications are opting to have their stills built with 1/8” plate copper, because they generally run several days per week and they find that the heavier copper plate is more forgiving of damage and wear due to constant use.”


With well over a century of family legacy in the distilling and coppersmithing industry, Stillz offer the unique benefit of total customization according to client needs. Micro-distilleries aren’t a one-size-fits all, and Stillz has taken advantage of that by offering his expertise and advice as a coppersmith to distilleries looking to equip themselves with better hardware.

Copper is the primary metal used, because it boasts some of the best durability for its price, and comes with the added benefit of neutralizing moonshine’s natural sulfur. A secondary product benefit, according to Stills, is higher quality copper. “Heavy 20 ounce copper will not burn or dent as easily as the 16 ounce paper thin copper stills offered elsewhere,” Stills notes. “Our stills aren’t ‘slapped together’ — there is a considerable amount of labor and skill involved in the construction of these fine custom works of art.

As the popularity of modern moonshine increases, so does demand for Stillz’ unique offering. “This is what we are preserving here,” says company head Craft Distillery. “This is a rich American heritage that still persists today with a growing interest in this forgotten art practiced by our forefathers in pre-revolution America.”

Stillz and his company offer a number of different project sizes as well, with stills ranging from 6 gallons to over 100. According to Stillz himself, every still is fully tested and polished to a finish before considering a sale. The company specializes in constructing stills for various purposes — from the dedicated practice of making moonshine at home, to more commercial uses, such as a professional Craft Distillery. More information on the product is available in the company’s website, at: http://www.stillzstore.com .

About Us:

Steven Stillz is a brewery equipment manufacturer and master coppersmith, specializing in historic and innovative moonshine stills. The company and the man behind it produce various different stills and other brewing and distilling equipment for both private individuals and larger clients.

With a long family history in moonshining, Stillz expertise in the niche is the cornerstone of a company thriving on custom brewing projects. From smaller stills of 6 gallons, to larger commercial stills at 100 gallons and more, Stillz works with clients to build the hardware that best fits their particular needs.

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