United States of America; 12/10/2013: Stephen Stepinski grew up in Northern Massachusetts and was more of an athlete and musician at the same time. After attending colleges in Atlanta, Georgia and Massachusetts, he moved to New York where his actual career began. He spends most of his time in Boston and New York and has appeared in several television productions as well as movies. Apart from being an actor, he is also the President of the engineering firm known as Merrimack Engineering Services. This engineering firm includes multi-disciplinary resources working primarily on land use investigation, civil engineering projects and surveys. Stephen Stepinski has been recently included in the short flick “The Drive”, as a senior detective which is still in its post production phase. This short mystery thriller also stars other well known actors like Alexis Rosasco, David Afflick, Nicole Sarmiento, Kurt Lusas and Maria Hendricks. 

The versatility of Stephen Stepinski is considered to be the major factor that has enabled him to take his career through different paths. Apart from running several companies, Stephen has also been involved with local charities. The New York based actor was also part of the Board of Directors of colleges and schools. He was the assistant professor at Merrimack College in the Civil Engineering department. His roles in some of the films like Bobby Loves Mangoes, The Gypsy Years and Real Things have earned him huge recognition and popularity. 

Apart from his recent association with the short film, “The Drive”, Stephen is expected to work in various other projects in the near future. He will begin his venture as an associate producer for two new flicks, Depravity and Boston Strong, both of which will finish their production in the year 2014. In Boston Strong, he will get the opportunity to work with Dorothy Aufiero, producer of “The Fighter”. On the other hand, in Depravity he will work along with popular screenplay writer, Dennis Lehane. 

Popular as an actor, philanthropist and politician, Stephen Stepinski has also been able to prove his producing skills with ventures like “Sporting Dog” and “Dead Dog”. Stephen Stepinski producer has been involved with federal, state and local politics. His political skills made him the local political advisor to a President and a governor of the US. Stephen Stepinski is a man of many talents and he has always motivated himself to keep the good work that he has always produced. In his personal life, Stephen Stepinski has been an eagle scout, a boat captain and even a licensed pilot. He was always good at athletics and certainly enjoys every task to the fullest. 

About Stephen Stepinski: 

URL: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1100320 

Stephen Stepinski is an actor, producer, philanthropist and politician. He has been involved with several television and film productions. Recently, he has started working for a new project named “The Drive” where plays the role of a senior detective.