28/02/2020, Location: Stem cell therapy is a specialized form of treatment procedure intended to replace cells damaged or destroyed by the disease with healthy functioning cells. This exclusive treatment package has a vast spectrum offering advanced treatment facilities to a number of diseases and illnesses.

Stem cell therapy - Ultimate solution to some terminal diseases

Stem cells are acquired either from the bone marrow or from the umbilical cord of a human. Stem cells are known as the primary cells of the body; this type of cells can be from any tissue cell in the body, which helps to restore the damaged organ or tissue of the human body. Generally, when the stem cell is placed inside the body, they move to the site of injury and transform themselves to form new tissue cells to replace the damaged or diseased ones.

Mainly two types of stem cell therapies are conducted in India:

  • Autologous stem cell therapy: This procedure uses the adult patient's stem cells collected from their blood or bone marrow.
  • Allogenic stem cell therapy: This procedure depends on the donated stem cells. There is a chance of rejection for donor's stem cells by the recipient's body.

Stem cell therapy has become quality popular among the patients around the world due to the breakthrough advantages of this treatment procedure. This treatment procedure helps in treating cancers, blood-related disorders, metabolic disorders, and immune disorders. Some of the health conditions that can be treated efficaciously with stem cell therapy in India are Peripheral Nerve Injury, Tuberculosis, leukemia, Sickle cell anemia, Hair loss, Restores eyesight, As kidney transplants Aid, Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Injury, Ligament and Muscle Regeneration, heart diseases, and so on.

India has become a well-recognized medical tourism destination for Stem Cell therapy to patients around the world. Every year, hundreds of overseas patients across the globe visit this country for top-notch medical healthcare at par with developed nations like the US, UK, but at a much reasonable cost.

Most of the Stem Cell therapy conducting hospitals in India have the most extensive diagnostic and treatment facilities, including most advanced MRI and CT technology and other imaging technologies. India provides services of the best doctors and surgeons at a reasonable cost in all big cities of the country including Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Goa, Bangalore, Nagpur, Chennai, and so on.

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