United States of America; 07, April 2015: License plates are a must have in vehicles like trucks, cars, buses, motorbikes, etc. Different countries have laws and regulations on vehicle number plates. Stealth Plate is an online professional store selling a wide range of license plate in various shapes and sizes. The vehicle registration plate changer products come with all the necessary features for the user. These light weight and metal made products are more than handy. In some of the product categories, the company has as much as 200 units within the stock.

The curtain model license plate and license plate flipper work differently. In this case, the former would make the plates turn invisible by a shield through a push button. The unit moves the plate automatically into the position. The latter one i.e. licence plate flipper isn’t replacing it another one but only flips the plate up or down on the way. This stealth license plate is used for the purpose of avoiding red light cameras, beating these cameras and avoiding tool booth or toll cameras.

The US front license plate flipper has a metal body with various specifications. This includes a voltage of DC 12V, ascend and descend time of 3 seconds, fixed power of 2W, weight of 4 kilograms etc. The wire length is 3m and 5m while the product size is 315 x 170 x 25 mm. Some of the legal uses of these products include keeping the plate clean while going out mudding, showing off at car shows, etc. Cover curtain is prepared from a waterproof material which is dries off easily. Frame of this product is made up of plastic and steel.

One of the newly arrived products in license plate flipper US range is available at reasonable price. Size of the item comes at 525mm x 135mm and has multiple functionalities. An interesting fact is their use in movies like James Bond and Transporter as rotating licence plate installed in cars. Buyers can sport similar kind of product with their vehicles and feel good about it. Flipping licensed plate device enables dual license plates. With a mere push of button, it can rotate 180 degrees.

The stealth plate package comes with various useful products for the purchaser. There are rear and front license plate frames, switch for kit operations, single remote control, LED light indicating hide on, wiring, nuts and bolts. Warranty period on these products are 90 days and free parts are offered within this period barring the shipping cost.

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Stealth Plate store features a wide range of steal licence plate, license plate flippers and similar range of products for sale. All of their products are sent out within 24 hours of placing order to reach the buyer within 7-10 days. Return and exchange policies are designed to facilitate buyer in the best possible manner.

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