If dressing up like celebs means for you to follow the fashion trends, what say you of Jennifer Aniston or Jessica Alba’s preference for chevron? Dress shops start blooming in spring with such patterns and the popularity of a chevron dress can take you from early in the spring until late in the autumn without a problem. What is it that makes these bold V patterns so popular these days?


We all have to agree that the zigzag patterns are really cool. They allow combinations of many different colors, they can be angled in so many ways, leaving room for eye-catching effects and they serve for an interesting, if not unique look.


While dresses are most often enriched with these bold patterns, there is a lot more to take out of it. From shoe models to se xy loosen tops, with pants, skirts and blouses in between, plus the accessories that a girl needs, they can all include at least one or two v shaped stripes.


Let us assume you have a simple, short sheet shaped chevron dress. What can you make out of it? For starters, grab a voluminous belt in one color and wrap it around your waist or right beneath the breasts. Add a pair of long earrings, a one-color jacket on top of it and throw some cowboy or vintage boots. You just got yourself a perfect casual attire!


Take a look, online and offline, and you will soon realize that there are no dress shops without at least one chevron dress on their shelves. Miniskirts are just as attractive as maxi dresses, but there is also an option in between these two. So the bottom line here is that you must definitely have at least one such clothing article in your wardrobe.


The key however is not to overact with stripes but to rather focus on one major element. It can be just a dress, in which case your high heel shoes and your purse should be in one color, ideally a neutral tone such as black or white. If you opt for a dress or a pair of pants, the top should be, again, in one color.  In this way, all those chic patterns will perfectly line up with your attire and you avoid the feeling of tiredness when looking into so many stripes.


Speaking of many stripes, for a much cleaner effect, you can opt for larger stripes instead of the thin lines. But enough with the talk, try to make yourself a shopping strategy by taking into account your budget, the types of clothes you need, the events where you will have to wear those clothes and the accessories you can combine with them.


Whatever you do, you cannot miss chevron this season. Now that you know your options, you can look online for such attires and inspire yourself. Do not just settle for the first dress you bump into, try to take advantage of online shopping and cover as many clothing articles as possible.



A chevron dress is a must have of the summer so take dress shops one after another and build yourself a trendy, fashionable attire.