Tiffany is one of the most renowned jewelry retailers in the world. The company, which is now worth billions of dollars, was established in 1837 and since then it has been constantly producing timeless pieces of jewelry for women of all ages. Wearing a Tiffany necklace or Tiffany earrings is a sure way to capture everyone’s attention.

Tiffany has been designing wonderful pieces of jewelry for more than 170 years. Women worldwide love wearing these jewels because, unlike modern stainless steel jewelry, Tiffany jewels are more than just mere accessories. You don’t just wear a Tiffany necklace because it matches your clothes; you wear it because it is a timeless piece of jewelry with incredible femininity and charm. You see, Tiffany jewelry is designed to bring out the inner beauty in every person, to make women radiant and classy. Modern stainless steel jewelry, although undeniably cheaper and interesting in its own way, can never convey femininity and a sense of sophistication and style the way Tiffany jewelry does. The copy will never be as good as the original, so no matter how stylish some modern accessories may look, they still can’t complete with high end fashion jewelry.


If you are a person who loves class and elegance, then you’ll surely love a pair of Tiffany earrings or a Tiffany necklace. The New York based company produces exquisite and classy women’s jewelry made out of precious metals like high quality sterling silver and gold. Ever since the beginning, the company aimed to produce quality women’s jewelry, often including diamonds in jewelry designs. While in the beginning sales for Tiffany & Co were almost inexistent — on the opening day, the company grossed $4.98 -, in 1887 the business started seeing an immense success, after purchasing French Crown jewels for the American public. So, when you buy a pair of Tiffany earrings or a Tiffany necklace, you’re not just buying accessories; you’re investing in timeless jewelry with a wonderful story, full of romanticism, beauty and royal fragrance. Today, Tiffany sells a large category of exquisite jewelry: silver jewelry, Tiffany crosses, Tiffany brooches, pendants, Tiffany celebration rings and so on. Home items like lamps are also available for those who want the Tiffany style in their home as well.


Tiffany is just as interesting now as it was when it first started producing jewelry. In fact, every year, Tiffany jewelers strive to come up with beautiful new designs, so new collections are always available for those who love Tiffany. Paloma Picasso, Frank Gehry or Elsa Peretti are just some of the collections you can browse through; they all have something new and unique to offer. A pair of discrete Tiffany earrings can really complete a classy look. We don’t really need opulent jewelry to look beautiful and attract attention. Sometimes, it’s exactly the opposite: a simple pair of earrings or a beautiful ring or bracelet can have an extraordinary effect. Less is more with Tiffany jewelry.

Tiffany jewels are some of the most feminine and classy jewels ever created: just look at these Tiffany earrings or this Tiffany necklace.