Star Utsav Brings a Mahamovie of Draupadi- Ek Agnipariksha

Star Utsav is bringing back tale of Draupadi, one of the greatest characters of Mahabharat for its discerning viewers on 28th Aug at 8pm

Mahabharat is one of the biggest epics of Indian culture, and apart from all its other big characters, Draupadi is known for her acceptance of all sad incidents she suffered on account of her five husbands. Popular TV channel Star Utsav is all set to showcase the great story once again on television this time as a film.
The Maha-movie ‘Draupadi — Ek Agnipariksha’ will narrate Draupadi’s journey of love, sacrifice and dishonour in a two hour film. Mahabharat, the iconic tale has no dearth of powerful characters! Be it Krishna who acts as the advisor, the legendary warrior Arjun, the cunning Shakuni, the powerful Yudhisthir and many more. But in a story dominated by males is a strong character of Draupadi that symbolizes beauty and grit, she faces the severest humiliation and yet manages to maintain her dignity.

Viewers are sure to bring tears in their eyes when Bhishma Pitaamah, the most worshipped character of the epic will be found helpless when Draupadi cries for help as Dushshasan does her Cheerharan in court.

Audiences have loved this facet of Draupadi and empathised with her situation thus making it an apt reason for the film to be presented from her perspective prior to the grand war of Kurukshetra.

Do not forget to view “Draupadi- Ek Agnipariksha” on 28th August 2014 at 8pm on Star Utsav only

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