13 June, 2013: St Lucia has long been a favourite destination for romantic holidays. Indeed, in St Lucia, honeymoons are very popular throughout the year, as couples are attracted to the lush green island with its dramatic volcanic peaks and stunning beaches. 

Now there is even more reason to visit St Lucia after it won Global Traveller’s award for being the ‘Best Island in the Caribbean’. 

Competition for the title is tough, what with there being so many stunning islands in the region. But St Lucia beat them all, and it could be a sign that the island’s popularity is beginning to increase. It has long been a popular destination, but with an award such as this from one of the biggest travel magazines in the world, it is almost certain to get more attention now. 

Tourism operators on the island are unsurprisingly very pleased as the award will hopefully help to attract more visitors to the island to experience it for themselves. In St Lucia, honeymoons could see a boom as more visitors are tempted to find out what is so special. 

So what is so special about Lucia? Apart from the beautiful beaches and the lush interior, it has The Pitons, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and this alone is a good enough reason to visit the island. It also has a unique culture, influenced by years of British and French rule over the centuries, delicious food, world-class luxury hotels like Cap Maison, beautiful scenery, lots of attractions and excellent diving. 

Cap Maison will be hoping that the award garners even more attention for St Lucia. In St Lucia, honeymoons are very popular for many reasons, but this could help them to become even more popular and allow more people to discover the delights of this Caribbean gem for themselves, which will be no bad thing. 

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Cap Maison is a hotel on the spectacular Caribbean island of St Lucia. This stylish family-run boutique resort offers a luxurious and personal retreat, and is the perfect setting to enjoy the very best of St Lucia in style. Find out more at http://capmaison.com . 

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