SpyCrushers rep explains Amazon Prime Day and how the online spy camera retailer is preparing for it.

If you search Google for Amazon Prime Day and click the very first search engine result from Amazon it will say that Prime Day is a one-day-only Amazon world-wide shopping event exclusively for Prime members. With thousands of remarkable deals worldwide, members get exclusive access to the greatest discounts on things they need, things they want and everything in between-- across nearly every product category. On Amazon it is said that there is literally something for everyone!

However, for Amazon 3rd party sellers, like SpyCrushers , a spy camera retailer, Amazon Prime Day can be among the most significant online shopping events of the year.

We spoke with Ryan Anderson, President of SpyCrushers about the advantages of Amazon's Prime Day and what is represents for his organization.

"Amazon Prime Day is absolutely one of the most important days of the season for us," said Anderson. "We plan for it well in advance and take all the essential steps to ensure our spy camera offerings are top of mind and positioned to sell through on that day," Anderson proceeded.

As explained by Anderson, the company’s past Prime Day sales have been excellent for SpyCrushers. Anderson remark that their SpyCrushers HD spy pens , smiley face spy camera, hidden camera smoke detector and spy camera sunglasses are amongst their best sellers on Prime Day.

"Spy camera shoppers on Amazon will be happy to see if they search SpyCrushers on the site. We have already begun to mark down most of our spy camera and hidden camera gadgets on Amazon. With some offers reduced as low as $19.99," said Anderson.

Amazon has divulged the exact date for its Prime Day, July 11th.. However, Anderson speculates the one day Amazon shopping event will actually start taking place before then as sellers try to position themselves as the go to choice. As well as after, as seller try to capitalize on any post Prime Day shoppers looking for extended deals.

Anderson closed out by stating that all SpyCrushers spy camera products will be sale priced in some way on Prime Day, but shoppers can capitalize on their Pre-Prime Day sale pricing now when searching spycrushers inside any open search box found on any Amazon webpage.

About SpyCrushers

SpyCrushers brand and line of products are owned and operated by Crushers Inc. Crushers, Inc. is a manufacturer and retailer of consumer goods and electronics.

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