Renowned direct retail brand Chrome Supps is offering a range of innovative fitness nutrition products at affordable rates along with various free offers and gifts.

CROFTON, MARYLAND (MAY 05, 2016): There is growing demand of Sport Nutrition or Fitness Nutrition among fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes for the various benefits this nutritional products have to offer. The advantages of using the right Fitness Supplements are varied and many like they help to properly repair and recover from exercise, acts as a quick supplier of protein for muscle recovery, and rebuilding muscles, increase energy, maintain optimal hydration, improve stamina and energy, and assist in reducing pain which in turn decreases exercise recovery time. These are just some of the benefits of using sports nutrition products and different supplements helps in their own different ways. There are various companies and brands in the United States offering a range of Athletes Supplements or nutrition products, Chrome Supps is one such direct retail brand headquartered in Crofton, Maryland offering a range of most innovative sports and fitness nutrition products.

One of the most in demand Sport Nutrition product offered by Chrome Supps is Magic Pump capsules which contains Arginine Ethyl Esther, N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine and Nitrosigine. As a dietary or Bodybuilding Supplements for adults it is generally directed to take 6 capsules half an hour before activity with not more than 12 oz and not less than 8 oz glass of water. It is advised to combine or have with Crush Intense Pre Workout to get the best results or XAA Stack BCAA.

To make their customers get maximum results from Magic Pump Capsules, Chrome Supps is offering 1 Crush Intense 2.0 Orange Cream free with every Magic Pump Caps. Crush Intense 2.0 is the most potent stimulant pre-workout available in the market and the company provides guarantee on this. Fitness freaks who have used this product have said to experience intense focus and energy with enormous endurance for hours. Those considering buying the Magic Pump Caps and get Crush Intense 2.0 Orange Cream free of cost can visit their website and place an order online or can even locate a store from Chrome Supp’s official website to directly buy from their shop.

Renowned Sports Nutrition products retail direct brand Chrome Supps is offering a great deal, with every Magic Pump Caps they are providing a Crush Intense 2.0 Orange Cream absolutely free. People can buy the Magic Pump Capsules supplements by visiting their official website or locating a store though that website only.’

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