San Antonio, Texas - For patients who suffer from back pain in San Antonio, surgery is often given as the "only option" to permanently end their suffering. In fact, back pain management in San Antonio often includes surgery as part of the long-term solution. Dr. Michael McKee of Spine Care of San Antonio, located on the web , however, is different from other pain management doctors in San Antonio, Texas. Dr. McKee and his great staff of caring professionals offer many options for back pain management rather than simply shunting patients toward surgery.

While traditional surgery is sometimes the only way to permanent deal with back pain, there are often other ways to control the pain without having to resort to such a serious option. According to Dr. McKee, "If you have been told surgery is your only option and you would like a second opinion on a less invasive approach, please contact our office. Let us give you the information you need to make an informed decision."

Laser spine surgery in San Antonio has been shown to be effective in many cases to control back pain and help patients who suffer from chronic inflammation, slipped discs or other permanent back problems. When other methods do not work, laser spine surgery can be a great way to target a particular area of the back and treat it without the invasiveness of traditional back surgery. Traditional back surgery can result in weeks of immobility followed by months of recuperation; laser spine surgery often has far shorter recovery times and requires much less rehabilitative therapy.

Dr. Michael McKee and the staff at Spine Care of San Antonio are ready to work with patients who want to explore the less invasive options of laser spine surgery or other forms of treatment.

About Dr. McKee and Spine Care of San Antonio:

Dr. McKee and his caring, professional staff at Spine Care of San Antonio work with patients to discover the best ways to deal with chronic back pain using the least invasive methods possible, including laser spine surgery.

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