23 October 2019, Bangalore: Spinal Fusion Surgery in India, One of the common health issues among adults is chronic back pain which may be caused by some unhealthy practices, less or over physical activity, long working hours, or so on.

Spinal fusion surgery in India - Say goodbye to back pain

Some of the common reasons behind such pain in the lumbar region are spinal disc herniation, discogenic pain, spinal tumour, vertebral fracture, Scoliosis, Kyphosis and so on. Such degenerative spinal conditions may cause instability of the spine, which eventually leads to fracture or spine deformity.

Spinal Fusion Surgery is such a surgical procedure that can be used to restore fractured vertebra and to rectify spinal deformity. It also helps to eliminate the back pain caused by an abnormal motion of the vertebrae.

Spinal fusion surgery is a type of neurosurgery which is used to join two or more vertebrae together so that no individual movement can take place in them. The basic idea behind this Advanced Spinal fusion surgery in India is to permanently connect the damaged vertebrae using external components like plates, screws or rods to hold them together and allow them to heal and resolve the back pain issue. This is one of the standard surgical treatments which help to release pressure on the spinal cord by fixing the damaged vertebrae together.

Different types of Spinal fusion surgery are practiced in India depending upon the patient’s requirement and health condition. Commonly used procedures are as follows:

Anterior Inter-body Fusion Procedure: here, the intervertebral disc is removed, and the vertebrae are fused. The surgery is conducted by an incision over the lower abdomen.

Postero-lateral procedure: Here, the vertebrae in the middle of the back are joined with the vertebrae associated with it using screws and rods without disturbing the disc.

Postero-lateral Fusion Procedure: this procedure is similar to the postero-lateral procedure. The only difference is that the bones from the back of the pelvis instead front is removed and is placed along the back and side of the vertebrae to be fused.

Combined Anterior & Posterior Fusion Procedure: As the name suggests, it is a combination of anterior and posterior fusion position.

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