February 24, 2016: Speedticketbeaters.com has been in the business of providing U.S. based customers, defenses they can’t take with them to court, to eliminate their speeding tickets, since 2004. It’s a niche industry, or at least it was in 2004 when Speedticketbeaters started.  But over the years, many imitators have popped up, trying to replicate Speedticketbeaters.com very successful business model.

A Speedticketbeaters.com spokeswoman told us: “Our competitors have tried to do what we do, but they cannot. The best any of them do is throw some poorly constructed e-book up online, and ask customers to pay to download it, and figure out a defense after reading.” The spokeswoman went on to say: “A defense a laymen has to cobble together themselves, after reading a lot of legal mumbo jumbo, doesn’t ever work. Our company works hard at creating custom made, complete defenses, already set to us, for a particular ticket that comes in. We work harder for the customer, and our winning results make us worth the money.”

Speedticketbeaters.com must be doing something right. We found no record of any losses, by customers using their material, in many states, in the more than 12 years that they have now been in business. And the amount of time they have been in business alone, is to some degree, proof of their success.

The company spokeswoman added: “We get so many testimonials coming in, that we have to rotate them around, and change which ones appear on our blog at any given time!“.

About SpeedTicketBeaters.com
‘Speedticketbeaters.com is a website that helps clients with speeding ticket defenses in any of the 50 states of USA. They provide a free consultation to any customer who emails them with a current speeding ticket.

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