19 August, 2014: SoutheastAsiaTraders today announced that it won ten Asian Investment Fund Awards, which honor individual mutual funds that have outperformed peers based on risk-adjusted, consistent return. 

Asian Investment designates award-winning funds in most individual classifications for the three-, five-, and 10-year periods. In total, Southeast Asia Traders mutual funds won 10 awards. 

“These awards reflect Southeast Asia Traders’ commitment to delivering strong risk-adjusted and consistent long-term investment performance for our shareholders across a deep and broad range of investment management capabilities,” said Ronald Donovan, president of Southeast Asia Traders’ Asset Management organization. “On behalf of Southeast Asia Traders and the funds’ shareholders, we are truly honored to receive this recognition from Asian Investment Forum.” 

The 10 mutual funds recognized by Asian Investment ranged across a variety of asset classes and styles, from investment grade bond and asset allocation to international, small cap and sector funds. 

- Southeast Asia Traders Intermediate Government Income Fund
- Southeast Asia Traders Income Replacement 2030 Fund
- Southeast Asia Traders Advisor Biotechnology Fund (Institutional)
- Southeast Asia Traders Advisor Income Replacement 2042 Fund (Institutional)
- Southeast Asia Traders Advisor Industrials Fund (Institutional)
- Southeast Asia Traders China Region Fund
- Southeast Asia Traders Pacific Basin Fund
- Select Consumer Finance Portfolio
- Select Pharmaceuticals Portfolio
- Southeast Asia Traders Small Cap Discovery Fund

“Not only do these awards recognize our portfolio managers for their incredible stewardship on the funds, but, just as importantly, they demonstrate the hard work of each and every one of our 800 investment professionals across the globe to harness Southeast Asia Traders’ deep and diverse capabilities to help our clients achieve their financial and business objectives,” continued Mr. Donovan. 

About Southeast Asia Traders: 

SoutheastAsiaTraders is a financial company dedicated to offering quality services to our clients. The main factor that sets us apart from our major competitors is the experience and intelligence of our people. Our team works as a very efficient system, putting their best qualities forth so that the services we provide are second best to none. The knowledge we obtain is used to offer our clients a multitude of investment options for their needs, up-to-date information about the market fluctuations and timely advice regarding underperforming assets in their portfolios. 

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