So smart. So clever.

Tired of carrying your charging cables wherever you go? Tired of tangled cords? SOSO has the answer.

With SOSO, your case IS your cord. Tangle free. No Mess. No Fuss.

Thomas Schuh has created the world’s first charger and case in one. It's reliable, time saving, and tangle free. SOSO is the next evolution in phone and tablet charging. Its convenience will improve your daily life.

The SOSO Charge Case is sleek and beautiful in design. Available in three colors: White, Black, and Pink.

We've launched an Indiegogo Campaign to help raise $25,000. This startup capital will cover manufacturing costs of the SOSO Charge Case.

SOSO is not available in stores, but can be purchased exclusively through our Indiegogo campaign. With your help, we can get this product out onto the market where it belongs, changing the world of smartphones forever.

To support SOSO - The World’s First Case & Charger in one, please visit:

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