Shenzhen, China; 30, July 2016: Plastic injection mold is a significant component used in a wide range of industries and manufacturing concerns including automotive, medical, sports, home appliances, and electronics. These plastic molds have to be designed and produced with impeccable precision so that the final unit or product is able to serve the purpose or function for which the same has been manufactured. For instance, the doorframe of a vehicle or the mouse used in a computer has to be fabricated exactly as per design specification so that the component functions efficiently. Sositar Mould is a recognized OEM producing an extensive range of plastic molds and precision plasticized parts used by toolmakers engaged in different sectors of the economy.

This Chinese injection molding company that was founded about 18 years ago in 1998 has a sprawling factory in Fengzheng Industrial Park in the district of Baoan under Shenzhen province. The factory has a total acreage of 3,800 sq. meters and can be easily accessed from anywhere in the city. Presently, Sositar has a steadfast base of nothing less than 150 world-class manufacturers some of whom are well-know all over the globe including Bosch, Philips, Nissan, Delphi, and Aston Martin. The products the company manufacturers are of superlative quality and the customers or users of its wares can vouchsafe for their efficiency.

The mold China organization is wholeheartedly engaged in producing a wide gamut of components and equipment. These include high-temperature resistant plastic components, rubber parts, CNC-machined prototypes, working prototypes, injection molds used in automotive industry, plastic molds, injection molds, bespoke steel inserts, plastic injection mould, plastic injection tooling, plastic injection molding tooling, and rapid CNC prototype. Sositar Mold is also into fabricating silicone brush, silicone products, silicone oven mitten, rubber molding, rubberized covers, rubber drapes, overmolding mold, PVC fitting mold, automotive plastic parts, large and small molds, T-joints, and transparent plastic artwork molds.

The Shenzhen plant is currently turning out 60-80 sets of injection molds per month on average that includes Plastic injection mold parts. Everything that is manufactured in the works goes through stringent quality control process and every step or stage of production right from the start till the end is painstakingly monitored. Molding specialists and engineers employed by the corporation are highly skilled as well as have garnered sufficient experience in the plastic injection molding industry. The equipment and machines installed in the factory comprising CNC, video measurement module, slow-feeding linear cutting machine, injection machine, milling machine, and grinding machine have been procured from Taiwan and Switzerland.

Toolmakers and manufacturers interested in sourcing molds from this Chinese injection molding company can log into its website and browse through the different items before placing an order. The firm guarantees to produce and deliver products exactly as per the customer’s specifications.

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Sositar Mould headquartered in Shenzhen province is a major producer and supplier of plastic molds.

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