Online store,, announced the launch of their latest line of organic ear gauges made of natural stone pieces such as mahogany obsidian, amethyst, red agate, turquoise and green-eyed jasper. According to, their organic ear gauges collection has been designed for an enhanced look and being organic, any possible allergic reaction is avoided. The new ear gauges, reportedly, give a unique look which stands out from other gauges. Furthermore, the website announced that even though the ear gauges were made of high quality materials, the prices are still affordable.

“We understand that many of our customers base their purchase decision on aesthetic factors. This is why, our store offers natural stone pieces that can be bought by a wide range of customers”, said a representative for Organic ear gauges can be purchased for as low as $ 7.97 a pair.

Besides organic ear gauges, the online store also sells stainless steel, acrylic and silicone ear gauges as well as ear stretching kits made of safe materials, with secure and lightweight tapers. These kits are gentle on the ear tissues and light enough so that they don’t pull down this tissue. The ear stretching kit section on the website provides concise information about the features and benefits of each material. also sells an ear stretching balm named Holey Buttr, which plays an important role in the ear stretching process. Holey Buttr is shipped for free and is reportedly, compatible with all the materials used in the kits.

The website’s content also includes a beginner’s guide to ear stretching to make sure that customers follow safe procedure. The guide discusses various details such as how to determine gauge sizes, which is the best time to begin the stretching process and so on. It also provides tips concerning the aftercare and answers commonly asked questions. An added advantage of this online store is that it offers free shipping on all orders above $20. For more information please go to

About is an online store for ear accessories like ear gauges, ear stretching kits and more.

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