Beijing — Having sauna at home should be the enjoyable experience for each people today. Maybe this words and sentence could be imagination several years ago and people could only experience the happily sauna in the professional sauna centre. However, the invention of household far infrared sauna room has helped people achieve this ideal idea. Although this newly product is excellent and good for people¡¯s health, people should also pay more attention to some attentively points about the using of home sauna room.

Kangda sauna Limited Inc is the professional manufacturer and supplier for high quality far infrared sauna house. With recent years¡¯ selling, MR LEE, who is the sale manager of this high quality home far infrared sauna room manufacturer which website is www , has found that some of their clients do not know how to properly use this product. ¡°There are some inhibitions for the applying of far infrared sauna even if our product could help a lot to people¡¯s body circulation and health.¡± MR Lee said. The following factors are the inhibitions about the applying of sauna room.

The using of the home far infrared sauna house can cause a series of physiological changes in people¡¯s body. When people are using a far infrared sauna home from, hot and humid environment will lead to rapid heartbeat and the increasing of blood pressure. When people go out of the sauna room and then soaked in cold water, this kind of environment changing will slow the heart rate and blood pressure drop. Therefore, people must strictly control the indoor temperature, humidity and staying time in the health therapy far infrared sauna.

If people first bath in the sauna room, they could only stay in the high temperature steam room for five minutes and then gradually prolong the staying time. Since the sauna would have some impact on the human body, therefore, people who have the following circumstances should not use the far infrared sauna:

First, people who have the high blood pressure and heart disease should far infarred sauna not use the house far infrared sauna room because the function of far infrared sauna will cause a wide range of fluctuations in people¡¯s blood pressure and increase cardiac stress which can lead to high blood pressure, heart attack and even life-threatening.

Secondly, the expert from which is the best manufacturer and supplier for low price home far infrared sauna room said:¡± people who just finish their meal especially within half an hour after a meal should not use our product.¡± This is because the using of far infrared sauna immediately after a meal would lead to the skin blood vessels to dilating and the blood pour back into the skin which would largely affect the blood supply to the digestive organs. This would affect the digestion and absorption of food.

If people are overworking or hungry, the home far infrared sauna room is not suitable for them. When tired and hungry control people, their muscle will be very weak and body¡¯s cold and heat stimulation will be largely decreased. This would easy to cause collapse.

Hope all of consumers could remember points above because the health is the most important thing in life. If people want to know more about high quality home far infrared sauna room, please view website

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