One of the most commonly used genres of paintings, still life paintings involves bringing down to paper some of the more commonplace objects of life. In popularity, the still life genre of art cannot be said to be far behind animal painting. The one thing that binds the two genres together is a sense of diversity.

The idea to paint a still life can be an intriguing one. The thrill is particularly high in the initial stages of the thought process. Only when people go ahead with the job, do they find that painting a still life is actually not as easy a job as it seems in the initial stages of thought development. For those looking to take a try with their first still-life project, here are a few hints.

In case the items that are to be painted are subject to damage, it is wise to click images of the object well in advance. This is especially applicable to living things like fruits, flowers or the may fly. The images of the subject can be of great value in case the still life undergoes some damage midway during the paintings. The step can also be used in other genres like animal painting, if the idea is to capture a particular pose of a pet.

Another important preparation step for the still life should be setting up a stage for the painting. This consorts to one of the essential painting steps. For the stage of the painting, any large cardboard can be used. All that one needs to do is invert the cardboard upside down. It is best of the cardboard is hard enough to stand some amount of tension. It is also important to protect the cardboard from wear and tear in the first place as well.

If a piece of cloth, preferably white in color, is draped around the cardboard, it serves the purpose of creating a nice background for the still life. It is best if the background is kept simple and sober without complicating it with dense colors or patterns. This ensures the still life paintings continue to be the centre of attraction in the painting.

An important part in the still life painting is wisely choosing the still life items. In case the painting has to make do with multiple items, it is best to keep the job simple by bringing in similar items into the canvas. Foe example, if the painting articulates the presence of a few fruits in a fruit basket, it is best to introduce more items from the kitchen and not from the garden. All in all, the side images shall consort to the image in general.

Dramatic relief in a painting is always highly advised. The use of contrasting colors in painting can add a myriad of well defined effects in the painting. The drama in the painting is further highlighted with the addition of contrasting features. The best of features in still life paintings are often in sharp contrast to one another. Metal goes great with cotton balls, china plates with soft edibles and so on.

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