Shanghai - Recently, the increasing of the cotton prices in the international futures market has attracted the attention of many consumers. Whether the price of the Wholesale Clothing of the current consuming market had been affected or not? Yesterday, the reporter has visited the clothing market and found that the growth rate of the overall Apparel Wholesale prices in the spring of this year compared with last year's had been slowed down. According to the data from the website , which is the online store for the wholesale designer clothing, women dress, wholesale shoes and other wholesale fashion clothing, the situation of the decreasing is mainly depends on the fierce competition and the pressure on the stock.The reporter of the website, which we have given you before, has visited some business district.

As the continuously rising of the temperatures, many wholesale designer clothing for the summer season has been published. Many brands of the spring wholesale clothing have begun to discount for the promotions campaign. Miss Liu, the manager of a mid-class wholesale fashion clothing store, has introduced us that the profit of the spring clothes in this year is the smallest in recent years. The increasing for the tag price of each garment was controlled within 10 RMB.

The staff of a fashion and high-end brand store has revealed that the price rising was small in this year and the rising of each garment was controlled below 50 RMB. The reporter has also interviewed several consumers who were in purchase of the wholesale designer clothing. They consumers have all thought that the prices of the spring clothing were essentially flatted with last year.

Although each brand of the wholesale designer clothing has different pricing system, the slowdown for the overall price increasing trend of the wholesale designer clothing in this year is obviously. From the data of the National Commercial Information Center data, we could find that the clothing retail prices in 2012 have rose by 10 percent. Last month, the data of the National Bureau of Statistics has shown that the apparel commodity has risen only 0.8 percent in the national consumer price.

Why the price of the spring wholesale fashion clothing does not have the huge increasing in this year? The manager of the women clothes shop has told us that this situation was depends on the competitive pressure and the stock pressure. The competition of the Mid-market has become fierce in this year. In addition, the impacting of the online shop is also the main reason for the price nowadays.

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The expert has said that the prices for the wholesale clothing china will continue to stabilize during the year. In the short term, the price would not appear significantly increasing. The analysts have also predicted that the clothing prices in 2014 would have the trend of increasing.

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