Solent Whirlpool and Spas Ltd today announced an exciting partnership with the Japanese spa inspired company, Omnitub Ltd This working partnership is a highly compatible match and will ensure that customers are able to get access to the best and most varied range of hot tubs and spas.

Omnitub Ltd will build and supply the Omnitub and Solent Whirlpool and Spas Ltd will fit the Air Massage & Whirlpool Systems to the Omnitub. The two expert businesses have a joint trade stand at the BuildStore’s National Self Build & Renovation Centre in Swindon.

Why the Omnitub? It fits a unique gap in the whirlpool and spa market as If you have limited bathroom space then this really is the ideal solution. It offers deep baths perfect for small spaces. In fact it takes about as much room as a shower does! Solent Whirlpool and Spas Ltd state that it is simple to install and is no more complex that fitting a standard bath.

The designs are stylish and are perfect for solo bathers or for couples. Add to that, unlike other deep baths of this nature there is not compromising in the space available by adding a seat, this means that you are able to completely immerse yourself and the water stays hotter for longer to extend your spa pleasure and experience. It has specifically designed high sides to minimise splashes and prevent water on the floor issues.

The style is cool and contemporary and is very much Japanese inspires in style. It comes already with pre-drilled waste and with Solent Whirlpools and Spas Ltd fitting the whirlpool system, you get the added benefits of being able to enjoy a bubble bath too! It comes not only in standard white but a range of other colors to suit your style and tastes.

Barrie Bampton from Solent Whirlpools said, “we are very happy to be working in partnership with Omnitubs, we know they have a unique place in the market.” Barrie went on to say, “many modern homes struggle with limited space and the Omnitub is affordable luxury for compact spaces and we know they delight their owners.”

Together this partnership is expected to bring great reaches into the whirlpool and spa market for both companies. Customers can visit the website or visit the joint trade stand at BuildStore’s National Self Build & Renovation Centre in Swindon

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