Solar Shades or Sun Screens are tremendous at reducing energy costs without sacrificing style. Solar Shades are an ingenious combination of sheer beauty and functional technology offering visibility of the Coloradoout-of-doors while protecting suitable furnishings from Colorado's hurtful UV rays inside.

They provide a place where you can live and operate snugly by reducing glare and protecting your furnishings without creating that "closed in" feeling. solar Screen Shades filter the sun, providing good visibility while blocking up to 99% of the glare and Colorado'sdestructive UV rays.

Fabric density and color determine the amount of UV and glare protection, as agreeably as the clarity of view. Light-colored fabrics provide more heat minimization and diffuse interior light. Dark fabrics offer more glare abatement and a better view through.

Sun Screen Shades can be produced with an ultrafine layer of aluminum on the back side of the fabric. This dramatically increases the sun screens performance and still provides most favorable view through. Shades assembled with the Persona program allows you to personalize your window shades with your array of any mixture of colors, patterns and textures. You can even provide your shades made with your own tailor-made graphic.

They can come in roller shade, roman shade, Stationary panel, and sliding panel style solar Screens, with a plenty of options and opacity ranging from extremely sheer to semi-sheer, the fabrics in solar Screens can enhance your decor while allowing you to have the benefit or use of your surroundings. For a shade that is as useful and safe as it is stylish, solar Screen Shades can come with motorization capabilities.

Sun Shades are incredibly effective for the reduction of heat and glare and can be completed for either indoor or outdoor applications. They perform like sunglasses for your windows, correct whenever you want to minimize the sun but maximize your view.

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