SEYCHELLES - Soccer and basketball, the two most talked about games are also widely played in many countries around the world. Avid fans who keep a close eye at these games want more than what they see on the news. If they want to study the game up close and personal they have to refer to a trusted source that gives them everything they need to know about soccer statistics . The good news is there is such a source which now brings to its growing base of members a website that has abundant information made accessible through its sports database. has compiled soccer statistics from 33 countries with 51 soccer leagues to create a sports database that is highly comprehensive. This information can be accessed by following the statistics tab on the website’s menu. This feature has recently been added to help members get the information they need within a couple of seconds.

It is safe to assume that the website being the largest soccer and basketball database in Greece provides up to date relevant information to fans all over.

About is the authority figure in soccer statistics and basketball statistics. The sports database on this website has been created with the view to provide the latest information to fans who want to stay updated about their favorite games. The website has over 8 years of experience in bringing round the clock accurate data. The website also caters to information needs pertaining to international cups, matches, fixtures, analysis, statistics tables and so on. To know more and to speed right through to the statistics tab, please visit,

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