When you're created a superior product that is award-winning and in high demand you do what any smart company would do: take feedback and make it better and better. That's exactly what CloudV did with the CloudV Platinum Essential Oil Pen! Functionality is exactly the same, but one tiny design change will make a big difference.

Introducing the new "Platinum Snap" Now you don't need to fret that your atomizer will accidentally disconnect from your battery either when you remove the mouthpiece or when it is in your pocket. To operate this upgrade you would remove the mouthpiece, place the atomizer in the battery and push in until you hear the snap indicating that it is locked in place. To remove, snap it in half where the battery meets the atomizer and it will pop right out. Filling and refilling are the same as ever, but now if you want to change atomizers just use a little more force to insert your atomizer into the battery.

In addition to the Platinum Snap's locking feature, the CloudV Tornado Atomizer now comes with a ceramic rod instead of a wick in the coil! The funnel is still made of the same quality ceramic but the fully ceramic atomizer keeps your product as cool and tasty as possible when you inhale. The new CloudV Platinum Snap is available in select colors. Older generation Cloud Platinums will now be available for $69.99 on the website while supplies last! Snap into the future with your new CloudV Platinum now.

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Phone: 800-707-4206
Address: 206 N Jackson St #301
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