Denver, CO - 27 July, 2016 - SmoothRx recently celebrated what many would call a highly successful product launch. The company has been making a reputation for their name, but the company started celebrating when their scar cream was named the #1 scar cream on “We are extremely excited to be doing so well this early, the hard work we put into getting on the market really paid off,” Ashley Royal stated. SmoothRx scar cream has received almost 200 customer reviews and has earned an average of 4 out of 5 stars. The natural scar cream treats a variety of scars caused by stretch marks, injuries, acne, spider veins and more.

SmoothRx scar cream contains essential vitamins and oils such as cocoa butter, shea butter, orange oil, mango butter, grapefruit seed extract, organic olive oil and more. These oils create a powerful moisturizer that helps improve the elasticity of the skin and improve the overall appearance of youth. The scar cream is fragrant and safe for sensitive skin. SmoothRx claims that their cream works for all skin tones; helps reduce the appearance of the scars, and can help prevent new the formation of scars. It can make a useful gift for both men and women or anyone who may desire to get rid of any scars or dark marks on the skin.

The SmoothRx scar cream is available for purchase on for only $24.99. Customers also receive a buy 2 receive free shipping promotion. Customers can also enjoy one day shipping at an additional fee, free two day shipping with Amazon Prime, a wish list, one click ordering, and the company’s 100% satisfaction guarantee. SmoothRx hopes their success will continue and they plan to keep celebrating as their business grows. “This is just the beginning.” Royal explained, “We’re planning many great things for the future.”


About Us
SmoothRx makes premium scar creams for stretch mark removal, acne scar removal, fine line removal, spider vein removal, and general scar removal. Made in the United States, we only use premium natural ingredients such as orange oil, grapefruit seed extract, shea butter, cocoa butter, and more. We sell primarily on and hope to improve the lives of those who are troubled with scars and other cosmetic hindrances.

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