Now that summer is finally here, it is important to protect your eyes against the sun’s harmful rays — and what better way than with a stylish yet affordable pair of sport sunglasses.

18 July 2016 — After a washout June, it now appears that summer may now be here!  Smart Choice Fitness have brought their much sought after sport sunglasses over to the UK just in time!

The sunglasses have been well received in the United States, with customers being impressed by the lightweight, durability, wraparound protection and comfort of the sunglasses — all at a very affordable price.

‘My son loves these Sports Sunglasses. They are lightweight. They have really nice lenses that wrap around to protect against the sun. And also comes with UV protection. These are nice glasses to wear cycling or any outdoor sport.’ Indicated one happy customer.  ‘These are great! ….not only do they fit well, they look and work great and come with a really nice hard shell protective storage case with a zipper.’ commented another.

‘We really believe that you can get great quality without having to break the bank, and are confident that our sunglasses tick all the boxes’ says Nigel Piper of Smart Choice Fitness.  ‘Looking after your eyes when outside is of vital importance, people are aware of the potential damage to skin but are less likely to think about their eyes.  UV damage is no joke, and simply by wearing a decent pair of sunglasses people can prevent it.  We are thrilled to be able to now offer these to the UK market, just in time for summer!’

The sport sunglasses are suitable for any outdoor activity, whether it is walking or a higher impact activity such as running.  The frames and lenses are made from polycarbonate plastic making them ultra-light and extremely durable.  They also have a wrap-around effect to ensure they both stay put and protect your eyes from all angles — be it from the sun’s rays, dust or insects.

The issue of eye protection is covered in more detail on SmartChoice Fitness’ website -

The Sport Sunglasses are available in three colours and can be seen by visiting their Amazon UK page by clicking here.

They are also available in the US — click here to view them on

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