If you are one of the 18% of the American Population suffering from anxiety and stress*, read on.

26 July 2016 — Stress and anxiety comes in many forms and is not picky about who it affects.   With sales of anxiety self-help books going through the roof, there is clear indication that people want to trial many different approaches to combat it.

SmartChoice Fitness have created a holistic SC Natural brand within which they explore natural supplements and aromatherapy.

‘Whilst we accept that many people are able to self-help and manage their anxieties, we also understand that others may benefit from the additional support that a holistic approach can give’ says Nigel Piper of SmartChoice Fitness, ‘Our anxiety relief supplement, Tranquility, is made from only natural and non-habit forming ingredients, as we believe this is a major concern for people who are considering introducing a supplement into their lifestyle.  We are also strong believers in the power of aromatherapy — and combining the two could be very effective’.

Camomile, bergamot oil and lavender are just some of the more common essential oils that have relaxing and calming properties.  With no known side effects and simple delivery of the benefits through inhalation it is definitely worth trying.  Furthermore, it is interesting to note that the inhalation of essential oils works quicker than any other method, as the scent goes straight to the brain and chemical reactions begin immediately.

The current deal being offered to their customers until the end of August is 15% off SC Natural’s stunning aromatherapy necklace when purchased alongside a bottle of 60 Tranquility capsules.  An aromatherapy necklace is a fairly new concept and works as a portable essential oil diffuser — ensuring the wearer has their calming essential oil scent with them no matter where they are.

SC Natural’s Stunning Aromatherapy Pendant, chain & pads

‘Our company’s overall aim is to help people to achieve a better outlook on life, whether that means improving their physical or mental health is irrelevant.  We strongly believe that negative attitudes and misconceptions surrounding mental illness needs to be broken down and people have to know that they are not alone in their feelings or symptoms.’ Continues Nigel.

To take advantage of this offer, click here to visit the Tranquility product page on Amazon, simply add Tranquility to your cart along with the Necklace and enter CALM2016 at the checkout to get your 15% off the necklace.

SmartChoice Fitness’ ethos is to help people of all abilities to welcome changes in their lives which will improve their physical and mental health.   They are about tweaking basic elements of people’s lifestyles, and give lots of tips and advice on our website. Diet and exercise is hugely important to physical wellbeing, but mental wellbeing is no less important to ensure people feel their best every day. Smartchoice Fitness currently have two different brands:  SmartChoice which covers the more physical element; and SC Natural which covers the holistic approach.
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*as reported by The National Institute of Mental Health.