Now that summer has finally arrived, it is vital to keep hydrated throughout the day and water is the best way. Hydration is important all year round, but it in the summer months it is particularly important to as it can make you more vulnerable to heat stroke.

18 July 2016 - Drinking plenty of water is all part of a healthy lifestyle choice and those that do so reap the benefits of being properly hydrated.

Despite this knowledge, there are still up to 75% of adults who walk around dehydrated and who suffer as a consequence.  You will find lots of advice about hydration on Smart Choice Fitness’s Website.  Furthermore, the company is also promoting hydration on their FaceBook page — by way of Hydration Week.

SmartChoice Fitness believes that the three main reasons for people not drinking enough water are:
1.    They forget;
2.    They do not like the taste of water;
3.    They do not realise the real benefits.

Whilst we can constantly inform people of the benefits of being properly hydrated, it is perhaps difficult for them to believe that such a basic action can lead to feeling so much better.’ says Nigel Piper of SmartChoice, ‘we detail lots of benefits on our website and also have a section on easy ways to increase water intake so that it does not get forgotten about during a busy day. However, until a person decides to seriously trial this they will never appreciate just how good it can make you feel.

‘One of the other main reasons is that many people do not like the taste of water.  This is where our Hydration Week on FaceBook will help’.

Every day this week, SmartChoice Fitness will be publishing fruit infused recipes on their FaceBook page to enable people to trial some different flavors.

You can simply put the fruit straight into a glass or jug of water, or you could use a specially designed Fruit Infused Water Bottle where there is an infuser to pop the fruit into.

SmartChoice Fitness sells their Fruit Infused Water Bottle on the Amazon platforms in both the US and the UK. Special features include a lockable flip top lid, a mesh filter for the fruit pulp and being made from BPA free durable plastic.

SmartChoice Fitness’ ethos is to help people of all abilities to welcome change in their lives which will improve their physical and mental health.  They want to help people tweak basic elements of their lifestyles, and provide a wealth of tips and advice on their website -
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