Miami, Florida, USA — offers new and innovative ways to give to local charities. With their online charity shop , they are offering products that give back to humanitarian organizations.

According to How2Improve founders, Brandon Allen and Paul Connor, many people want to give back to charitable causes that help other people, but they lack the know-how. “Often, people just don’t know who to trust and they procrastinate because they don’t know where to start. We founded How 2 Improve to lead by example”, says Connor. When you make a purchase with How 2 Improve, 50% of the proceeds go to support humanitarian organizations like the American Diabetes Association, the Huntington West Virginia Habitat for Humanity, the St. Paul’s Homecoming Center, and the United Saints Recovery Project in New Orleans.

The social and economic impact of charitable and nonprofit organizations in America is truly massive. It amounts to 8.1 billion hours of service and $169 billion dollars per year (according to a 2010 report). “There is something truly American about giving back and contributing to the greater good. We are always looking for new opportunities to partner with organizations in need”, says Allen. He goes on to say:

“Many people feel intimidated when they look to give back to the community. What they do not understand is that there truly is no contribution too small. In fact, some of America’s finest volunteers, activists, and humanitarians started small. Small charities often lead to sweeping reforms that eventually change the world for the better in a big way. That is what How 2 Improve is all about!”’s stated mission is to promote humanitarian organizations that work to improve society and make a difference in the lives of others. To accomplish this mission, they sell merchandise and share the proceeds with their partners, including nonprofits for affordable homes, student scholarships, rebuilding from natural disasters, reducing the carbon footprint, improving health and medical treatment and research, as well as eco-friendly causes, and organizations supporting humane treatment of animals.

To learn more, visit or their Facebook page . Check out the online charity shop on Amazon, where you can get the Fresh Mesh backpack, the H2i Shades, the Chill Sport water bottle, and much more. According to Connor, “Through our videos, we hope to demonstrate how people are changing the world through personal involvement and volunteerism. Please go check out the How2Improve YouTube video on giving back ”.

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