Suffering from obesity? Obesity has become one of the most common and rapidly growing problems all over the world. It is a serious, chronic disease that can have so many negative effects on the human body. People who are overweight have a much greater risk of developing serious conditions, including heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, bone, and joint diseases, breathing trouble, and many more. But the good news is several types of obesity surgeries has been invented to reduce the extra weight of obese people and provide them a healthy and quality life.

Sleeve gastrectomy surgery is a type of obesity treatment that helps to reduce weight by controlling the food intake of obese people. This is a surgical weight-loss procedure, through which the stomach size is reduced to about 15% - 25% of its original size. Here a portion of the stomach is removed along with the greater curvature by gastrectomy. As a result, the structure of the stomach changes into a sleeve or tube-like structure. This is the reason behind the naming of the procedure. Sleeve gastrectomy is generally performed by laparoscopic surgery, which offers faster recovery and shorter hospital stay.

In the case of sleeve gastrectomy, no foreign body is implanted or no complex intestinal rearrangement is taken place oppose to other obesity surgeries. Most of the patients find that after this surgery they are able to comfortably eat all most all variety of foods but in a smaller amount.

In the last few years, Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery in India has become quite popular among obese people due to its low cost and high success rate.

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