London, UK, 29 July 2016 — Luxury Silk Sleep Mask Company Lullaby Luxe Announces It’s 25% Off Promotion Starting Today

Lifestyle company Lullaby Luxe launched it’s luxury silk eye masks on Amazon USA earlier this year, and has been receiving five star product reviews and customer feedback ever since.

Marketing Director Estelle Brown explains, “Amazon is the number one retailer online, so it was a no brainer launching our beautiful silk eye masks on that platform. There are already many different eye masks available to buy on Amazon, but we are confident that our masks are the softest, most comfortable and luxurious, guaranteeing the best and most comfortable nights sleep”.

“We have had great feedback from our customers so far, and it is amazing that most customers are saying with our sleep masks, they are sleeping more deeply and for longer. We are so happy that our customers feel this way, we really feel we have the best sleep mask, on the market today, and are so proud of our product!” Estelle adds.

In order to thank it’s customers and also to help drive awareness of the silk eye masks on Amazon, Lullaby Luxe is offering 25% off each purchase of a Lullaby Luxe silk eye mask for a limited time.

“We are sure that once you have experienced a nights sleep wearing our soft, silk, anti-aging sleep mask, you will be converted” smiles Estelle.

The brand Lullaby Luxe was created in order to give busy people that little bit of extra luxury in their lives. The sleep masks they produce are made of eco silk, meaning they are incredibly soft, and are also the most beneficial to wear close to your skin at night.

The 25% Off Promotion can be found at the Lullaby Luxe product page on Amazon from today at

About Lullaby Luxe — The website and brand was established in 2015, and the company manufacture products made from luxurious materials such as eco silk, with a focus on helping people to relax.

Address: Sutton Road, Muswell Hill, London, N10 1HK, UK