[Phoenix, Arizona]- Skootch, a new word game app, was recently released. But this isn’t your run of the mill word game app. Skootch was developed with human-voiced sound effects. It’s just one way Kooque Studios, company that developed the iOS app, have found to stand out in an extremely crowded marketplace, a growing thorn in the side of boutique indie developers.

Two of the partners, Matthew and Brett Wilson got together and filmed the recording session in a quirky video. “Turns out sound effects are harder to voice than I thought,” laughed Brett, who, ironically, also beat boxes in an acapella band in his spare time. “I mean, what sound do you do for things like sliding a tile around or ending the game?” Other owners in the company also contributed sounds heard during gameplay, including bonuses, bombs, undo, mix, sliding letter tiles and more.

Matthew Wilson, the company’s founder, noted that “this is just one way to help make the app stand out. There are nearly 2 million apps now on the App Store and when you have a small budget, you have to come up with ways to get attention. We also love the personal touch it gives the game. Kind of like eating at a mom and pop restaurant rather than a big chain.” The free iOS app also allows players to earn additional bonus stars by sharing on social media.

But human-voiced sound effects are just the beginning. Version 2 is currently in progress that will feature a timer, trophies and some enhanced gameplay moves. Plans are also in place to let players record and save their own custom sound effects to use while playing. “Who knows?” he commented. Maybe we’ll have a contest within our community to see who can come up with the most unique sound effects. The key is to keep the game evolving and always give our players something new, something unexpected.”

Wilson has something else up his sleeve: a board game version of the app. “The board game didn’t exactly translate 100%, but I wanted to make sure the principles still applied,” Wilson said. “I’ve never developed a board game before, but it’s been a lot of fun and I’m very excited about it.”

What Skootch is doing represents a growing trend among indie app developers as they create buzz and try to elbow their way into the digital limelight.

About Skootch

Skootch is a free app and a word game available now on the AppStore. Learn more about it at http://skootchgame.com/. Players form words and try to keep the board clear before it fills up with letters.

Website: http://skootchgame.com/
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