Skin Radiance, a comprehensive skin-care solution company and innovator committed to researching, crafting, and manufacturing convenient products for everyday skin-enthusiasts, this week announced they are officially releasing their next streamlined product on for widespread purchase. Called the Large Acrylic Palette Organizer, the new product will make it incredibly easy to organize and store various makeup products and accessories.

“We’ve all been there — we’re rushing to get ready for a dinner and can’t find the right palettes because our makeup is a catastrophic mess,” said Lesley Franssen, Founder and Owner of Skin Radiance. “Well, fret no more with our organizational structure designed specifically for women who want an easy-to-navigate change.”

The Organizer is a sturdy 5mm thick with 2mm shelves for a durable, long-lasting assurance.

For more information, or to buy it today, visit:*Version*=1&*entries*=0.

Daisy Murray